Sony Xperia E - Viewing photos and videos in Album

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Viewing photos and videos in Album

Use Album to view photos and play videos that you’ve taken with your phone camera,

or to view similar content that you've downloaded or copied to the memory card. You

can add geotags to your photos and videos, and then view them on a world map. In

Album, you can also view photos and videos that you've uploaded to an online

service, for example, to a Picasa™ web album or to Facebook™.

From Album, you can also share your favorite photos and videos with friends via using

Bluetooth™ wireless technology, email, messaging, and various online services. And

you can perform basic editing tasks on photos and set them as wallpaper or contact

pictures. For more information, see Connecting your phone to a computer

on page 89.

Album tab overview

The following tabs are available in Album:


– view all photos and videos saved to the memory card.


– view your geotagged photos and video clips on a world map.


– view your online albums.

To open Album


From your Home screen, tap .


Find and tap Album.

If the screen orientation does not change automatically when you turn the phone sideways,

mark the Auto-rotate screen checkbox under Settings > Display.