Sony Xperia E - About the camera

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About the camera

With your phone camera, you can take regular 2D photos. Send your photos and

videos to friends as multimedia messages, or upload them to a web service.

Camera controls overview


Zoom in or out


Main camera screen


Switch between still and video camera


Camera key – Activate the camera/Take photos/Record videos


Display all settings


Take photos or record video clips


Go back a step or exit the camera


View photos and videos


Camera setting icons

Tips on using the camera

Rule of thirds

Don’t place your subject in the middle of the frame. By placing it a third of the way in,

you achieve a better result.

Hold it steady

Avoid blurry photos by holding the camera steady. Try to steady your hand by leaning

it against a solid object.

Get closer

By getting as close as possible to your subject, you can fill the camera screen view

with your subject.

Consider variety

Think about different angles, and move towards the subject. Take some vertical

photos. Try different positions.

Use a plain background

A plain background helps highlight your subject.

Keep your lens clean

Cell phones are used in all kinds of weather and places, and carried in pockets and

bags. This results in the camera lens becoming dirty and covered with fingerprints.

Use a soft cloth to clean the lens.


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