Sony Xperia E - Still camera settings

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Still camera settings

To adjust the still camera settings


Activate the camera.


If the still camera is not selected, drag to .


Tap one of the settings icons on the left of the screen.


To display all settings, press .


Select the setting you want to adjust, then edit as desired.

To customize the still camera settings panel


When the camera is open, press to display all settings.


Touch and hold the setting you want to move and drag it to the desired position.

If you drag the setting outside of the settings panel, the change is canceled.

Still camera settings overview


Use the Scenes feature to quickly set up the camera for common situations using

preprogrammed scenes. The camera determines a number of settings for you to fit the

selected scene, ensuring the best possible photo.


The Scenes feature is off and photos can be taken manually.

Night scene

Use when taking photos at night or in poorly lit environments. Due to the long exposure time, the

camera must be held still or placed on a stable surface.


Use for taking photos of fast-moving objects. Short exposure time minimizes motion blurring.

Exposure value

Determine the amount of light in the photo you want to take. A higher value indicates an increased

amount of light.

White balance

The white balance setting adjusts the color balance according to the lighting



Adjust the color balance automatically to the lighting conditions.


Adjusts the color balance for warm lighting conditions, such as under light bulbs.


Adjust the color balance for fluorescent lighting.


Adjust the color balance for sunny outdoor conditions.


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Adjust the color balance for a cloudy sky.


With the self timer you can take a photo without holding the phone. Use this function

to take self-portraits, or group photos where everyone can be in the photo. You can

also use the self-timer to avoid shaking the camera when taking photos.

On (10 sec.)

Set a 10-second delay from when you tap the camera screen until the photo is taken.

On (2 sec.)

Set a 2-second delay from when you tap the camera screen until the photo is taken.


The photo is taken as soon as you tap the camera screen.


Tag photos with details of where you took them.


When geotagging is turned on, the approximate geographical location is added to photos when you

take them. To use geotagging, you must enable location features from the Settings menu. For

geotags to be added to a photo, the location must be determined before you take the photo. Your

location is determined when appears on the camera screen. When your device is searching for

your position, appears.


When geotagging is turned off, you cannot view the location where you took a photo.

Capturing method

Select the method you use to take photos.

On-screen button

Take a photo by tapping the on-screen button on the camera screen. The photo is taken as soon as

you release your finger.

Touch capture

Identify a particular focus area by touching the camera screen with your finger. The photo is taken as

soon as you release your finger. This applies only when focus mode is set to touch focus.

Camera key only

Take a photo only using the hardware camera key. The photo is taken as soon

as you release your finger.