Sony Xperia E - What is Android™‎?

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What is Android™?

Your Xperia smartphone from Sony runs on the Android platform. Android phones can

perform many of the same functions as a computer and you can customize them to

your own needs. For example, you can add and delete applications, or enhance

existing applications to improve functionality. On Google Play™, you can download a

range of applications and games from a constantly growing collection. You can also

integrate applications on your Android™ phone with other applications and with online

services that you use. For example, you can back up your phone contacts, access

your different email accounts and calendars from one place, keep track of your

appointments, and engage in social networking.
Android™ phones are constantly evolving. When a new software version is available

and your phone supports this new software, you can update your phone to get new

features and the latest improvements.

Your Android™ phone is pre-loaded with Google™ services. To get the most out of the

provided Google™ services, you should have a Google™ account and sign in to it when you

first start your phone. You also need to have Internet access to use many of the features in


New software releases may not be compatible with all phones.