Sony Xperia E - Phone settings overview

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Phone settings overview

Get to know the settings on your phone so you can personalize them to your own



Turn Wi-Fi® on or off, scan available Wi-Fi® networks, or add a

Wi-Fi® network.


Turn Bluetooth™ on or off, search for available Bluetooth™

devices, and make your phone visible or invisible to other

Bluetooth™ devices.

Data usage

Turn the mobile data traffic on or off, and keep track of your data

usage details over a specific time.


Turn Airplane mode on or off, configure settings for VPN and

Mobile networks, and enable your phone to share its mobile data

connection as a portable Wi-Fi® hotspot, or through USB tethering

or Bluetooth™ tethering.

Call settings

Manage and configure settings for fixed dialing numbers,

voicemail, and Internet calls.


Configure how your phone rings, vibrates, or alerts you when you

receive communications. You can also use these settings to set

the volume level for music, video, games, or other media with

audio, and to make related adjustments.


Enable your phone screen to switch orientation when you rotate

your phone. You can also set the brightness, font size, wallpaper,

and screen timeout.


Check out the available space in your phone's internal storage and

on the SD card. You can also erase the SD card, or unmount it for

safe removal.


View your phone's battery status. You can also see how much

battery power is remaining, and how different applications

consume battery power.


Manage running applications, downloaded applications, and

applications on the SD card.


Configure the USB connection mode, network connection type,

and Internet settings. You can also enable Facebook features

inside applications.

Accounts &


Enable your phone to synchronize data with the synchronization

accounts that you add.



Enable or disable Google's location service, GPS satellites, and

Location & Google search.


Protect your phone by setting up different locks and passwords.

You can also allow applications not from Google Play™ to be


Language &


Select the phone language, adjust text input options, add words to

the personal dictionary, and configure speech settings.

Backup & reset

Back up your data and reset your phone.

Date & time

Set the time and date, or choose the network-provided values.

Select your preferred date and hour format.


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Enable your installed accessibility services and adjust related




Set options for application development. For example, you can

show CPU usage on the phone display and show visual feedback

for touches. You can also set the phone to enter debug mode

when USB is connected.

About phone

View information about your phone, such as the model number,

firmware version, phone number, and signal. You can also update

your software to the latest version.