Sony Xperia E - Status and notification icons overview

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Status and notification icons overview

Status icons

The following status icons may appear on your screen:

Signal strength
No signal
GPRS is available
EDGE is available
3G is available
Sending and downloading GPRS data
Sending and downloading EDGE data
Sending and downloading 3G data
Battery status
The battery is charging
GPS is activated
Flight mode is activated
The Bluetooth™ function is activated
The SIM card is not inserted
The microphone is muted
The speakerphone is on
Silent mode
Vibrate mode
An alarm is set
Synchronization is ongoing
Problem with sign-in or synchronization
A Wi-Fi® connection is enabled and wireless networks are available

Notification icons

The following notification icons may appear on your screen:


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New email message
New text message or multimedia message
New voicemail
An upcoming calendar event
A song is playing
The phone is connected to a computer via a USB cable
Warning message
Error message
Missed call
Call ongoing
Call on hold
Call forwarding on
Software updates available
Downloading data
Uploading data
More (undisplayed) notifications