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About Music

Get the most out of your Walkman™ player. Listen to and organize music, audio

books and podcasts that you have transferred to your memory card from a computer,

or purchased and downloaded from online stores.
To make content easily available to the music player, you can use the Media Go™

application. Media Go™ helps transfer music content between a computer and a

phone. For more information, see Connecting your phone to a computer on page 89.

"WALKMAN" application overview


Browse the music on your memory card


Search all tracks saved to your phone's internal storage


Tap the infinite button to find related information online and plug-ins on Google Play™


Album art (if available)


Go to the next track in the current play queue, or fast forward


Total time length of the track


Elapsed time of current track


Progress indicator – drag the indicator or tap along the line to fast forward or rewind


Play/Pause button

10 Go to the previous track in the current play queue, or rewind