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PlayNow™ service

About the PlayNow™ service

You can use the PlayNow™ service to download applications, music, games,

ringtones, and wallpapers. The PlayNow™ service offers both free and non-free

downloads. Note that payment options for non-free applications may vary per country.

The PlayNow™ service is not available in all countries.

To start PlayNow™


From the Home screen, tap .


Find and tap .

Before you download content

Before you download, make sure that you have an Internet connection. Also, you may

need to have a memory card inserted in your phone to download content.

When you download content to your phone, you might be charged for the amount of data

transferred. Contact your operator for information about data transfer rates in your country.

To download a PlayNow item to your phone


From your Home screen, tap .


Find and tap PlayNow™.


Find an item you want to download by browsing categories, or by using the

search function.


Tap the item to view its details.


Click “Buy now!” to start the purchase process. After your purchase has been

validated, you can start to download your content.


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